Improvements and feedback from users | User Testing

After testing my program in the foyer, I wanted to get a little bit of feedback from a user. I wanted to get feedback that related to the meaning of my program, as well as the improvements that could be made and the users positive thoughts. I wrote out five questions for one user to answer. The answers are as seen below:

Q. do you understand the concept behind this piece of interactive media?

A. Yes I believe the concept portrayed was clear.

Q. How does this piece make you feel?

A. The piece made me feel anonymous, as the face is the most important feature in distinguishing one person from another I felt stripped of my individualism.

Q. do you see any further development ideas you’d like to discuss?

A. I believe a time code and the edges of the blur needed to be softened.

Q. What did you find yourself doing while interacting with this piece of media?

A. At first, trying to figure out what was happening then secondly how much it would follow me.

Out of all the questions asked, the response I was most happy to receive was the fact that the user felt as if their identity had been stripped from them. The ideology of the face being the most important feature in terms of distinguishing us from one another is exactly what I wanted the user to feel, and I think Ive achieved just that.

Another user after interacting with it said that they thought it was actually a real surveillance camera, and that they only realised it was an interactive piece when they came up close and realised the effect of the blur. Below is a video of someone interacting with my work on their way into the foyer through the north entrance.


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