Evaluation | Thoughts about processing

In conclusion to my journey with processing, I would say that I have quite enjoyed the learning side of this unit. Although at times the code provided to me through different sites and different workshops proved hard to work out and sometimes left me frustrated, I was very happy with my overall outcome. I have a much clearer understanding of the way in which the code works, and even if I cant understand character in a chunk of code, I can usually still be able to explain what its purpose and functions are.

As with any piece of work I do, I always see room for improvement in projects that have been made solely for testing purposes. In this piece of work, I wish I had more time to perfect the mask applied back onto the facial recognition space. I would have also loved to resolve the FPS problem I had, it was such a  shame that even with such a low frame rate set, the piece tended to crash occasionally.

I think in the future I will continue to read about processing in order to achieve a clearer understanding, as my understanding has limited me in some ways during this project.


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