User Testing | Frame rate drops and unwanted faces

While setting up my program, The space around me proved well lit with very little interruption. One of the problems I came across was a small warning sign in the background which kept getting picked up as a face. The warning sign was placed on the automatic opening doors to the left of the display, at the entrance of the foyer. There wasn’t much I could do about this mishap because the warning sign was there for a reason and I couldn’t remove it or block it out as I would be blocking out its purpose, but because my program enables 4 users to interact with it at once, it didn’t prove much of a problem unless more than 3 people were trying to interact with it at once. I also found that even though my program ran on an extremely low frame rate anyway, it still tended to fall drastically lower than what I had set the frame rate to be originally. This was because as the faces were detected and re-detected, the program had to constantly re-draw each face back onto the selected area. At one stage, the program even crashed due to the amount of faces it was randomly picking up. This never happened in the testing I’d done at home because I had controlled the amount of people coming into frame. When testing at home I realised a drop in frame rate with the maximum amount of faces, But this was before I reduced the frame rate in the setup to make feel like a CCTV camera. In all honesty, I thought this would improve my overall outcome because it would leave the program with lighter workload, but I was proved wrong. Below is a video example of me testing the program at home with just my face to give you an idea of the frame rate I wanted to have.

In my next post I will talk about another issue I had with my programme that was unresolvable, but didn’t prove to be too much of a problem in terms of testing.


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