Testing my prototype | Processing

Today I have been using the display screen of my choice to enable other students and teachers to interact with my work. I set up my work In the evening period at roughly 4pm, so unfortunately there weren’t as many people in the foyer as I’d like there to have been, but they still interacted with piece as they walked by. The picture above is of the setup I provided within the foyer. I used a thunderbolt to hdmi adapter to connect my Macbook Pro to the TV display screen in the lobby. I needed to change The display sizes on my program in order for it to be displayed properly on the screen. Below is the code I used to display my work.

  size(displayWidth, displayHeight);
  video = new Capture(this, displayWidth, displayHeight, "HD Pro Webcam C920", );
  opencv = new OpenCV(this, video.width, video.height);

With the sizes altered to cater for the display screen along with the registration of the webcam and a resolution change on my Mac, my program was able to be shown properly in the foyer. My next post will focus on the reactions of users with my program, and how they responded to it.


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