The Space | Weymouth House foyer

Today I have been analysing the space in which my interactive piece will be displayed. To start with, I wanted to look at the different areas the space had to offer. In terms of where the screens are placed, I had 3 choices. I could either set up my program in the seated area in the right side of the foyer, the north entrance to the right (the entrance side with the TARDIS and the monsters inc. model) or small studio on the left, past the entrance. Because my work uses a CCTV-like interaction, I thought it was best to display mine on the north entrance display.

I did a 15 minute survey on how many people walk through this area from 12:45 til 1pm. The amount of people that walked through this specific space in this period time was 35. I managed to record this at the same time that other students were displaying their work in the same area that I would be displaying mine. I managed to tally up 20 people that gave a quick interaction in reaction to seeing the work in this 15 minute period. This proved that the space that I was going to be using had a healthy amount of people in it and would probably get the most use out of my interactive piece. In my next post I will be talking about how users interact with my piece of work in this space.


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