The interactive media around us | Science Museum

This week we went to the science museum in London as Liam thought it would be a great opportunity for us all as a class to go and check out all the different pieces of interactive media there. The museum was filled with lots of different types of media ranging from small electronic games such as the reverse steering driving game to the ripple creator shown in the image above (image taken by Curtis Bacon).

For me, the whole experience was very much a different one compared to what I was expecting. I was expecting to be confronted with all kinds of different interactive media that involved movement of an individual, when in fact I came across more pieces that involved touch and physical screen interaction.

The whole day gave me an broadened perspective into how much of a part interactive media actually plays in our everyday lives – anything from ordering a train ticket at a self serve to using a Nintendo Wii is interactive media technically. What I have been asked to do as part of my brief is to create such a piece that can technically be classed as an art form and going to the science museum has partially made me realise that.

If anything, I wish the science museum had more to offer me in terms of interactive media. Lots of pieces were inapplicable to my idea unfortunately, but the trip still proved very useful.


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