Processing | Daniel Shiffman (revisit)

My most recent post touched up on the problems I have been having with combining facial recognition with filters in terms of ONLY applying them to the space inside the facial recognition rectangle. I found that, with the OpenCV library, the way that the re-draw function was coded wasn’t (or at least to my knowledge) able to support the functions I wanted, so I had to rethink what I was going to do.

I did a little bit of hunting throughout Github, and stumbled across a user that I’d been advised to look at during my processing workshops. His name is Daniel Shiffman and he has created many different projects within processing and C++ (Frameworks and cinder) and holds a very healthy amount of repositories on Github. He also holds a Processing video class online, which has proved to be very helpful throughout this unit for me, especially at the start of my processing journey.

He created a library which no longer works on processing called “Facial Rekognition”, which is very unfortunate because the work and activity Ive seen of Shiffman on github has proven very helpful.



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