Development idea progression & research | Processing

My current prototype idea involves the concept of being an object within the world of CCTV. The way in which we are constantly monitored without being given an identity is a very surreal yet truthful insight in the modern world. Modern day technology allows us to be continuously exploited at our best and worst moments. My idea of never being given an identity was something that is touched up on by street artist ‘Banksy’, with his ‘what are you looking at?’ campaign, but more on that later. The image below is the stencil art by the artist himself, Banksy.


My interactive media piece is planned to be finished in the coming weeks. It is planned to involve 4 individuals coming into view of the camera. As the faces are recognised, each person is labelled differently accordingly. Each person is labelled with a different image which classes them as an item. This fits perfectly with my current concept idea. I am yet to code in a 4 face array, but this will be done shortly as this is only a progress post – I’m still trying to figure out some of the code I’m working with.

Back to a Banksy’s campaign. The ‘What are you looking at?’ campaign was aimed at the public to create a sense of awareness towards the privacy meltdown we’ve come across in the late 20th and indeed 21st century. “People are becoming more aware that they are being watched as they go about their everyday activities. Some feel very unsettled about being watched” says an article on stencil revolution. The article looks at the debate of whether or not CCTV surveillance is actually an effective push towards fighting crime or whether its just another way to slowly claw away at our own rightful privacy as individuals.

I wanted to use work by this street artist as its always interested me, there is always a hidden message behind it all. This kind of research is very much applicable to my main concept of identity and will be something I include more in other posts as I start to tie my ideas together properly.



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