Identity with Facial Recognition | Chris O’Shea – Hand From Above

Seeing as my chosen area of interactive media lies within facial recognition, I want to express my current thoughts on my concepts, theories and works related to my project. This post will be based around a designer I have been researching called Chris O’Shea. This designer looks at an array of different concepts, two of which are audience and identity. The following examples are where my design ideas and theories are stemming from. The image below is from a piece of work done by O’Shea called ‘Hand From Above’. Created using a programme called Frameworks C++, it was displayed in various locations around the UK.


This piece is said to be inspired by the well-known tale of David and Goliath, because of its interactive features. The piece selects a random passer by and interacts with them using a giant hand. The hand can poke, tickle and even pick up an individual and throw them off the screen. The images below is of the technical view of the piece.

wip1-640x464 wip2-640x464

The software recognises the people as they walk past. The action that is executed on an individual differs depending on the position they are standing in and the speed they are travelling. For example if someone isn’t moving while they are being detected, they may have the action where they get picked up carried out on them whereas someone that is walking past may just get a poke.

From looking at this piece of work I have been able to gain a small insight as to what I want to be able to produce in terms of my processing project. Ideally I want to be able to use face tracking within my work, so looking at O’Shea’s interactive media design work has proved very useful in terms of giving me ideas.



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