Dorset Depends | Getting to know the space

After our poster was finished, we were asked to put them in the Weymouth house entrance room. This area has a cafe, a seating area and an array of different types of media all around it.

Alex and I decided to put one of our posters above the mix recycling / waste bins because the wall where the bins are placed is plain white. Our poster being mainly blue would stand out a lot to passers by or users of the bins. We put the other poster in the lift and stuck it to the mirror. This was an experiment to see what people thought of the poster based on their facial expressions while reading. We chose this method because we realised that when you’re in a lift, there isn’t actually much else to look at other than yourself in the mirror. But when you are in a lift with someone else, people tend to look around them or look at the floor to avoid eye contact with anyone else. If there is a piece of boldly coloured media inside the lift, the user is bound to read it until they get out.

I got into the lift with 3 different people, each one of the people gave there attention to the piece in a similar way by looking directly at the fist in the poster straight away. For me and Alex that was exactly what we wanted the viewer to do, it was intended to be the first point of visual contact because of its size, striking colour array and symbolisation.

As for the poster placed by the bins, we had a different tactic. Me and Alex were discussing about when you see a bin that allows you to separate your waste between recycling, non-recycling and food waste you tend to hesitate for a short while before making your choice. This short hesitation was when we planned for our poster to get noticed, but after waiting half an hour only 2 or 3 people actually even took notice of it.

Even though one of our posters didn’t attract much attention at all, the other one attracted a positive and interesting amount of attention. The information we gathered worked out great for us in our presentation as it gave us a few little topics to touch up on.


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