Typography | Childline Sexual abuse campaign

In the past few days I have been looking at different examples of pieces of work that the kind of styles we need to show in our mini briefs. I was looking at different types of kinetic typography, and how different they can be from one another. This one stood out for me – a campaign design by a company in London called YCN studios.

The link above will direct you straight to the video.

This piece takes a narrative too, because the person who is speaking to the victim is displayed in white, with clear skies, and a clean background. When the victim speaks, their wording is displayed in dark purple, to emphasise the shame and embarrassment they feel about telling childline. As the piece starts to conclude, the victim becomes more happy, and trustworthy towards the childline helper.

This piece is very different to some other pieces I viewed, because there is no voice within the audio. With other pieces, you expect this kind of material, but this piece represents the silence that victims of sexual abuse feel, and how they feel everything around them closing in with nowhere to go.


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