Flash animation | Fire experiments

For my second attempt at making a flash animation, I wanted to learn to play with the shapes and techniques available to me. I experimented with merging colour effects and transformations, and how many frames I had to use to make the animation smooth. For example, when it came to shapes, I spent a while looking at how I would make a jagged-edged shape turn into a circle. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the smoothest way to do this was to spawn the circle in front of the jagged shape in the same colour so it wasnt visible, and then expand it in proportion using the shift key until it overtook the jagged shape. The outcome of this was a shape that slowly grew until it became round and smooth.

The whole point of this animation was to experiment with different styles, and thats why it looks a bit shabby.

Below is the animation I made. There is no sound because I had to export the animation as a GIF file, meaning the audio files weren’t included:


There was no way I was ever going to use this as my final piece as it just a collection of different experiments I had conducted.


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