Flash Animation | Final

I decided to choose the “Abstract Animation” mini task as my final piece. It involved me using Adobe Flash Professional to create a 15 second animation which holds no narrative. I began to think about ideas of content, and how I would be able to portray my own unique style, and apply it properly. I didn’t want to have a smooth animation, I wanted something that was more jagged and interesting.

This is my final piece, with a text style I felt was highly appropriate for the final animation:


This animation does have sound, I just had to upload it as a GIF because the rendered version for youtube  comes out extremely glitchy. I loved this project eventually (after learning flash quickly) because the sense of achievement is very high, and with such a simple program, you can create all kinds of different things. Personally, I went with just using the brush tool for most of my animations, I used blocks and the transform tool for one other short one (which I will show later). This piece is a montage of all the different things I wanted to experiment using the brush tool. I found that drawing certain sequences and copying a selection of the frames and pasting next to each lengthened out the animation so it wouldn’t take forever to hand draw, and it worked perfectly.

The rain sequence was drawn individually using the “shift” key alongside the brush tool, and had to be hand drawn until the rain had hit the ground. After it had hit the ground, I was able to repeat the frames to give the effect of constant rain.

Using the “paste in place” option, I was able to leave the purple pool exactly where it was in the first sequence. I feel my final piece has used an array of different techniques, and uses a good array of bright colours.




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