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One of the mini brief projects was to take pictures of objects that represent letters in subliminal ways. The brief required a minimum of your full name in letters, and if you wished to venture out that little bit further you could do the entire alphabet. I went to the beach today with an SLR camera hunting for the letters S-A-M J-O-N-E-S.

Along the way I found a few other letters, and I thought I would throw them in to. My main place for photography on this mini task was at the beach, there I figured I would be able to find many different textures and surfaces, along with a huge variety of different objects, taking all kinds of shapes.

As soon as I got to the beach, I started hunting for unusual objects around the pier, and soon enough I found a few. I knew that some objects would look like letters if I rotated them on my computer later, so I took those too.

Here is an example:


-Above is a picture of a bin on the pier turned sideways to create a capital “D”.

other letters began to appear as I went on. Here are just a few I didnt include in my final piece:


– The letters “T” and “P”.


here we have “E” and “L”.





and finally we have “R” and “M”.




as for my final piece, I managed to write my name using objects posed as letters. The point of this task was to view the world in a different way to than what you already do now, and in a way its done that for me. Depending on which angle you look at most objects, you can usually make out other suggestive shapes and possibly letters or numbers.

Here is my final finished piece for this task, pictured below:


As much as I enjoyed doing the task, I wont be continuing with it for my final piece, because I feel there is only so much of a creative outlet to be unleashed with this project. I feel that the effect this type of work can give off are very positive because of its use of colour and arrayed textures and shapes, yet I know that more can be done with some of the other mini briefs I have been given.


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