The Magic Canvas (1948) | Animation

I was looking through Folksonomy and I found an early fluid experiment from 1948 called “The Magic Canvas”.

This film uses a series of experimental techniques within animation, for example the transformations of some shapes are very well constructed, and its unbelievable to think that this was done without the use of computers. The way in which the the music is in sync with the animation itself is very interesting too. without the use of computers, the music would have to have been recorded previously, and timed specifically to each frame, proving extremely difficult in my opinion.

For the time period, this piece is a very creative and advanced animation. Using abstract shapes along with real things like birds, bubbles and even mimics of humans would require extremely high levels of imagination, because of the lack of technology. When we think of abstract, it wouldn’t amaze us as much as it would be then, because we see it all the time in the present day; company logos, adverts, television shows ETC.

The length of this piece too is extraordinary, as it would have required months and months of work for 10 minutes of running time.


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