Blender | The chain of stone

Today I thought I would have a go at making something worthwhile using blender, so I searched for a tutorial that would inspire me. I found a tutorial on Youtube by an organization under the name of “Tutor4u”. The tutorial itself was  very straight forward and easy to follow. But I didnt want to just copy it step by step, so I watched the video twice over, and then decided to make my own trying not to look at the tutorial.


I must say, I was personally very impressed with my efforts, seeing as I only had to look back at the video roughly twice or three times! What I have made is a chain that has been left in its collapsed gravity position after I dropped it, to make it look as though its just been thrown.

I went for a different texture than the tutorial did, I went for a texture that made the chain lose its gloss, and give off a very strong gritty feel to it. I wanted to experiment with the lighting too, so I moved the lamps slightly to see which areas would reflect more light.



The picture above is me experimenting with higher strengths using the 3 lamps I positioned.




The picture above is me checking through the camera to make sure the angle I’m going to be rendering in is correct, and to make sure I dont leave the lighting in the wrong places.

Overall I think that was a big improvement on what I’ve been creating in class, and I will be creating my own personal project soon with blender. I will still be experimenting with tutorials, beginners still perhaps, but I’m looking forward to my future of Blender.


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