The 3D Printers Design | Channel Brief

For the film trailer, my group and I came across a little issue when we realised we would have to create a 3D printer from scratch for the films outro. As a group we began to discuss the matter further, and one of my fellow group members, Matt, suggested that he create it on Adobe After Affects. I felt slightly sceptical because I knew that none of the other group members (including myself) had any experience with After Effects, rendering everyone else on the part of the project useless but Matt.

None the less, Matt did an excellent job on the printer animations and art.

Here is his first attempt:


And here is Matts Finalised Printer:


The printer needed to be a cultured design based on the time period the film is supposed to be set in, and NOT in the current time period. The way Matt achieved this was by making the printer look like a household item that could be owned by the majority of the public like a standard printer, yet is very minimalistic because of its laser-like features.


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