Subject Specific Essay | Getting feedback and grade

Yesterday I went into university to pick up my grade for the Subject Specific essay.

If Im brutally honest, I was heavily disappointed with my grade as I had reflected on the last essay feedback, only to come out with a lower grade than the first.  I received 45% in the Subject Specific essay, lower than my 50% grade on the Concepts essay. I will admit, my grades so far have been worrying me, and I take into consideration the fact that I have been out of education for a year but thats no exception now, and I MUST pick up the pace in terms of written AND practical work. After the channel project, I have promised myself to do at least 2 hours of coding a day in order to create a good website, and I think now I have learned the hard way that I cant just use online references, I must actually read books and get other references from a variety of sources. 

I need to speak to Liam next week about maybe having support sessions on writing essays, and where Ive been going wrong. I understand the fact that the first year is for making mistakes, but I still need to get it corrected before I enter second year.


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