Story Boarding | Channel Project | 29/01/14

At this point in time my group and I have finished our story boarding and are now going on to discuss what kind of script we should have. Having a monologue included in the trailer has been something we have been discussing as a group for the last few days and as of today Gaby (a group member) has started to produce a fictional one using ideas she has been researching online.

Alex has completed the storyboards, and I have just finished the risk assessment and submitted it ready for Mic’s approval so we can begin to look at the kit list. I will submit a post soon with the full list of the storyboards to show you what the trailer is all about and how it is going to work.

In my own opinion, at this point in time Im not too worried about the deadline because I think we are ahead of schedule at the minute. Needless to say, my enthusiasm wont go down the drain because of me thinking we have loads of time left because I know we don’t!





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