A Cod4 Frag Movie |RAANARA by ACID

Just a quick link to a video I always used to watch a while ago. Since Ive been here, I am beginning to respect the editing techniques and skills gaming editors use.
Back in the days of COD4 (roughly 2007 – 2013), editors used Sony Vegas Pro in the early days, moving onto Final Cut 9 as we approached 2011.
But more and more editors are taking their own projects just that little bit further, by using cinema 4D. Remodelling and creating props and separate “Out of game” VT’s to bend the games actual playing styles.
Gaming editors are very much under the traditional radar of the media industry, and usually stick together i.e. gaming editors will only edit for gamers themselves.
I will post a video up later of a player who was very “youtube famous” at the time, and was extremely creative in terms of art expression and skill using programs such as Cinema4D.


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