Today my group and I began discussing what we would do about the current assignment. 

We decided that we would still be using the idea of 3D printing (even though our idea had a lot of negative feedback to start with). Reason being is that realistically the idea is very good, its just what you do with it. There were many different aspects we could have touched upon, but we voted as a group to make a trailer for a film involving the future of 3D printing. 

Alex suggested that we use films to do with the root story of some of the products and services we have today that have been converted into a feature length film, for example “The Social Network” and “Jobs”.


The concept we designed for the trailer was to use a girl as the main protagonist whose dream it is to design a machine that can create things much bigger in terms of 3D printing, but is told it cannot be done, and from there onwards the film follows her struggle to make it work and to become successful.

Tonight we have all come away with a very strong idea of what we have to do and how our individual ideas and skills can come together. Fortunately we do have more than one camera as I also own a GoPro Hero 3.

Tomorrow the group and I will go about constructing the main basis of the cast and script, and discuss which equipment we are going to need and when. I wouldn’t say we were on a rushed schedule, but I would say we need to get the ball rolling very quickly.


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