3D Printing | Design a channel

Today I met with my assigned group for the Channel design project. The brief gives you 5 weeks, giving you the task of creating an internet channel that delivers information and facts. Has to include a 6 minute running time and can be split into episodes. the whole subject is set in the future, so ideas are allowed to be advanced and fictional.

In the example, 3D printing was one of them, and I really thought it was one of the best ideas for the brief.

We began the discussion around the topic straight away. Thinking about what kinda of differences a 3D printer could do for the world. I mentioned that I had read a report on the revolution of 3D printing and how it can be used for the good (building houses) or bad (building and creating weaponry). 

We decided to make 3 episodes including 2 minutes of running time each including intro’s and outro’s. Choosing the topics construction, food/world hunger and terrorism/weaponry, we assigned one person to each as one of our group members (Matt) is due to be working on the animations and graphics we require. 

My topic is Terrorism/Weaponry because I previously looked at the topic during the summer. 

Hopefully as a team we can all work together in order to make this work. 

Thats all for now, more updates soon.




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