Yuletide Group Presentation

This group project had a brief designed by a legitimate company that would use the winners idea in their own production.

To be honest, not a lot of people were too bothered about it, but thought they might as well give it a try. Saying that, my friend Alex Lorimer really wanted to win, so he pushed and pushed his group!

Back to me and my group though.

The brief was based around creating a website that was user friendly, using integrated digital media and aided people with planning activities within the christmas holidays.

Our main idea was based around the idea of having a virtual calendar, in which you were able to fill up according to the amount of days you had chosen.

The concept used a drop-box style system, which allowed you simply to drag and drop the activities such as dining, cinema viewings etc into the calendar.

If I’m perfectly honest, nor me OR my group had much interest in winning, and the deadline for the first assignment was fast approaching so nobody really bothered too much with the project, it didn’t really motivate me either as creating a concept based around christmas just didn’t appeal.

Hopefully more projects coming up soon! safe x


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