First Essay at Bournemouth University

On the 6th of November I finished and handed in my first assignment for my course. 

To be fair, I was very nervous because I was no good at essay writing at school and I didn’t really do any at college so it had been a while, but I managed to grease up on my rusty skills and got to it.

My essay was about the way in which women are portrayed in video games, and how it may suggest that the male brain is tainted by such sexual behaviour from some games.

I pieced together the essay well in my own opinion, but when it came down to referencing and Havard, I somehow seemed to struggle. I found it hard to find the references I needed specifically and that was my main worry with this piece.

When I got my essay back, as expected I didnt get the grade I wanted. I got a very low 2:2, something I didn’t really want to see, but saying that I did learn a lot from the feedback.

The feedback Liam gave me was about the way the argument I had created was too loose, and that I needed factual and theoretical references instead of quotes and opinions which was quite literally the main downfall. 

Ive learned a lot from this essay, and hopefully I can get it bang on next time!!



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