Fire Kills Group Project

The second group project we have been assigned.

The brief stated that we must design a campaign for the safety and awareness of fires using integrated digital media design – whether it be adverts, games, visuals or posters. 

Me and my group began to think about the way we could make the target audience as broad as we could, because this way the effect of the campaign would be heightened in a variety of age ranges therefore having a larger impact.

Our campaign used a different array of designs, we ran through a few different ideas to do with using people around the age of 25 to feature in our advert and poster/visuals because this way we would be about to target people slightly younger, and for reasons i will explain in a second, older.

But before all that, i will share the concept of the campaign.

The advert is two 25 year old women sitting in empty dark rooms, in an interview situation describing the experience they had with a fire accident. One women is talking about how she panicked and began to struggle during her experience, and the other tells her story calmly and carefully, pointing out what she had been told to do during this kind of situation. Throughout the advert, Both women have the opposite sides of their faces covered (one women her left side, the other her right), and as the advert ends, the sides of the women’s faces you don’t see to start with are exposed to create one face:



After Claudia (group member) went on to make the poster, all of the group were extremely pleased with her work, and I feel without her our idea wouldn’t have come across as strongly as it did.

The main point I wanted to talk about was the target audience. Think about it – you’re 40 something, you watch this advert about two 25 year old women getting caught up in a fire and the one who didn’t get injured is telling you information you didn’t know, you’re going to say to yourself “if she knows how to deal with a fire and she is 25, I should definitely know how to by now”

All in all a great presentation, I was definitely happy with it. we were told that all that was really wrong was that the ideas were too diffused. 



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