Finding my feet with website ideas

Okay, so until about now I’ve kind of just sat at my computer and stared at it endlessly thinking “What is all this code and why am I sweating so much?”

Not because all of the information goes over my head, its just sometimes the things I learn during seminars and workshops I sometimes find it hard to use and portray it in my projects.

I wanted my website to look kind of like my blog theme; simple colours, and almost wordless navigation but without confusing the user. I love the idea of simplicity when online, anything with too many features on the page always confuses me and puts me off.

A website I was heavily influenced by was the Supreme Clothing page and the original spash versions of The Bathing Ape, and TO-ORIST clothing.


The picture above is the store page for Supreme Clothing.

A very unique way of expressing a very expensive (overpriced in my opinion) variety of garments. Other brands such as Dopechef use this type of design for their splash screen, but not their website.

A website like this always catches my eye and makes me think that behind all these simple and clever ideas their is a mastermind pulling the strings, making me read reviews, spending more money than i had intended.



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