The BU League Of Legends Community – 25th November 2013


when I first came to Bournemouth, one of my missions was to try and find as many people as I could that had the same gaming interests as me; in this case, the worlds most played online game – League Of Legends.

Soon after my arrival I bumped into a guy from one of the other groups on my course – Alex Blackshire.

Throughout the first term, in our spare time we would play as a pair in games, discuss what we were doing right and wrong, and for us it was nice to finally be able to express our opinions and thoughts on the game itself. Because lets face it, when you are a gamer it can be easy to embarrass yourself in front of other friends by talking about such things!

As the term came to a close, I had an idea that I was sure Alex would agree with; “We know the community for this game is huge, why not gather all the students who play it at the University and become a specific community?”

We hunted the net for any group similar to the one we were about to create. We had heard of other Universities playing on the eSports UK channel, but the Bournemouth LoL team were nowhere to be seen, not even a sniff of a trace.

Without question, we began to construct a community page through Facebook.

within a matter of 24 hours of posting on the gaming society page, we had gathered a small variety of players from all kinds of courses at the university.

As it stands, from the 1st of December we currently have 30 members and we hope to reach around 60 in the New Year.

When the community is strong enough, which not to be too over confident, it will be, me and Alex have decided to hold a tournament for all the community where people can gather their friends from the university and play against other teams.

When the page was complete, Me and Alex decided to add a file that allowed the member to edit in their usernames and preferred positions. Almost an hour after it was posted, the file exploded with almost everyone editing it. It was such a relief to see people were generally interested in the topic itself and not just being a fan of the page because it was about the game.

In the New Year, we hope to hold social and meeting events for our community, and as a pair me and Alex put as much work as we can in to cater for our members.

Our intentions of this page are not only to hoard the players from the university into a group, but to let people discuss certain topics and to build friendships with other players within the community.

So far, everything is going to plan!

A link to the page:


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