Bristol Zoo Project – 15th October (Deadline)

For the first group project we were asked to work towards a brief related to Bristol Zoo. Asked to add a new feature/ attraction using integrated digital media specifically and include the fact that it was the zoo’s 176th birthday, me and my group (Becky, Jamie, Gabby and myself) were quick to start pumping out ideas in our spare time between lectures and seminars.

My initial idea was to use an application that allowed the user to see the zoo throughout its history.

The way this would work was to have certain stations set up around the zoo that would harness the app on the users smartphone. When the app was active, the user can move their smartphone or tablet device in any direction in front of them and it will display a VT of what the zoo would have looked like in the time period they had chosen.

Augmented reality played a massive part in our study and I feel that when it came to portraying our hard work as a team, we did as best we could, could not have asked for anything more!



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